To establish an open and accessible venue to provide legal services to the broadest range of people in Fredericton and outlying areas who would otherwise be unable to find or afford these services.


What can the Legal Advice Clinic do for clients?

Clients who come to the clinic can expect to meet initially with a student volunteer, who will conduct an introductory interview to determine the nature of the legal issue involved. After speaking with the student, the client will meet with a lawyer supervisor.

To make the session as useful as possible, we suggest that clients bring any relevant paperwork (e.g. court documents, leases, contracts or other written agreements) with them to the clinic. It is also helpful to bring a pen and a notebook, or a friend who can help take notes.

In some situations, the lawyer supervisor and the clinic assistant may determine that the client’s file would benefit from more in-depth student research. If appropriate, and if a client wishes to open this kind of file with the Clinic, a student research volunteer can offer the following:

  • Give legal information
  • Assist with applications to various community/government programs
  • Help clients navigate potential court appearances
  • Provide assistance finding a lawyer or community group to support the client

Law students cannot offer advice to clients but are able to provide legal information. The students will and will act under the guidance of a lawyer supervisor at all times. Students will not, under any circumstances, offer advice or an opinion on how to proceed in any matter.

Limitations (Research Files):

Though summary advice is available for almost any legal issue, some restrictions apply in the case of research files. The following are matters that the Fredericton Legal Advice Clinic does not handle:

  • Any matter where the client either qualifies for Legal Aid or other form of legal representation
  • Land transactions (including wills and estates);
  • Personal injuries;
  • Probate;
  • Impaired driving charges;
  • Traffic offences;
  • Indictable criminal offences;
  • Summary conviction charges where a jail sentence is likely;
  • Criminal offences where the accused has a prior record;
  • Most criminal offences in youth court;
  • Matters requiring appearance in or application to the Court of Queen’s Bench, Court of Appeal, or Federal Court (including civil matters over $25,000 and defamation);
  • Unions
  • Complaints against lawyers;
  • Any file where the Supervising Lawyer makes the determination that a law student cannot properly assist the client under the circumstances.

All clients who attend FLAC should know that while the student and lawyer will communicate regarding issues brought to the Clinic, all files are confidential and will not be discussed with anyone other than the client.